Kostuum Abbadon JVW Herpen 2023

Een wezen ontstapt uit de tijd, bedreigt het kamp..

Flower & Bean stake dress

This flower dress started with finding this beautiful flower fabric in a second hand shop. Stuff started growing from there and I ended up with this dress. Including a bean stake growing around my waste, arm and head. I did not had a clear idea what to make so it just grew to be this.

Ice Queen costume dress

I bought this old fashioned wedding gown before as a costume and already wore it several times and different occasions. So it was not possible to wear this anymore to any party… What to do with this lying around on the attic? So I after spotting some cheap christmas ornaments at the second hand store the idea was born to make an Ice Queen dress out of it!

The making off: Medicijnman 2

Voor het Jeugd Vakantie Werk Herpen werd ik gevraagd een tweede masker van de Medicijnman te maken.

Draakje Kostuum

Vraag een vijf jarige wat hij voor zijn verjaardag wil en het antwoord is: “Een draken pak!”

Gipsy Fortune teller LED dress

My gipsy fortune teller costume exist out of a dress, crystal ball and a necklace. All enhanced with programable LED lights so the costume will light up with your fortune!

LED light Dress

My mega project from 2017: Making a dress with NeoPixel LEDs! Combining my sewing hobby with a RaspberryPi and LED strips.